Quality policy

Attentive customer care, taking account of their wishes in the context of technical and economic opportunities, is a means of ensuring we remain close to customers and their needs.

Through constant, critical monitoring of production and sales management, we want to create a product that satisfies our customers' exacting demands. The involvement and motivation of our workforce is ensured through a flat hierarchy. Satisfied employees build important foundations.

By monitoring framework conditions, legal regulations and new developments, as well as through continued dialogue with all relevant partners and authorities, we are able to ensure that everything we do in relation to customers is legal. The ongoing monitoring of health policy, social and economic developments represents another factor in our efforts to achieve absolute customer satisfaction.

We see the way to adapting to accommodate customers' needs and achieving high customers satisfaction as being in the obligations we have imposed upon ourselves to ensure continuous improvement and compliance with standard requirements. By monitoring the context of the organisation and keeping a close eye on customer needs, we are able to create and market a leading product in the industry.

We address ecological questions by using eco-friendly materials to manufacture eco-friendly products. The mindful use of resources, which involves reducing our consumption of energy and raw materials, is an important item on our agenda.