Handling - Conditions for proper use


Unfolding (Fig. 1)

The product is pre-glued with a removable adhesive and must be opened carefully, in accordance with the instructions for use.
The glue on the inside must not be damaged. It prevents wet stool from leaking out.


Installation (Fig. 2)

Before the collection aid is installed it should be noted that any adhesive applications can only reliably maintain their grip in clean and grease-free conditions.

Ensure in advance that no residue from creams, lotions or contaminants are present on the toilet seat.

Avoid contact with water beforehand.

Where possible, the collection aid must be mounted at the rear of the toilet seat so that urine output is possible without being collected by the collection aid.


Sample collection

The collection aid can hold up to 500 grams and will also hold wet stools for a short period of time.


Sample removal (Fig. 3)

After collecting the sample, the samples should be removed in a timely manner.

When installed properly, the collection aid will remain in place on the toilet seat for at least 3 minutes after the sample is collected.

During collection of the sample, avoid excessive mechanical stress of the collection aid or even piercing with the extraction scraper, or tools such as these.


Disposal (Fig. 4)

After sample collection, the collection aid is released from the toilet seat and it, along with its contents, should be allowed to fall into the toilet and flushed away.

Easy flushing is ensured after just a short soaking period.